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 Oriental Dance Hyun
Established: 2010
Contact Info: Huang Chin (0918-775-465)
Email:  huangjinjin1987@gmail.com
 Oriental Dance Hyun group photos on Traditional Chinese costume

Traditional Dance on 25th Anniversary Celebration

Oriental Dance Hyun has performed over 1,000 shows. Their performances include Chinese dances, Dunhuang dances, folk dances, modern dances, dance-pop, exotic ethnic dances, and more. The Thousand-Hand Guanyin dance and the peacock dance are their most well-known dances.
Most of the group members are new immigrants. Group leader Huang Jin began learning dance at a young age. To help her family make ends meet, she dropped out of art school and went to Guangdong Province, China, and joined a professional dance group. After marrying and moving to Taiwan, she taught dancing in kindergarten and formed this dance group, training other new immigrants to become professional dancers.
Oriental Dance Hyun is a professional performance art group registered with the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs.

 Oriental Dance Hyun perform at Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

 Oriental Dance Hyun group perform some Folk Dance