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1. Tian Na (0983209669)
2. Gao Li-xia (0989767638)
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Nnyunfei Dance Group is formed in 2012 and specializes in Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, Hakka dance, Taiwanese indigenous folk dances, and other diverse performance arts. The dance group has a collection of excellent dance teacher in various fields, dance major students, and students that simply love dancing. Nnyunfei Director Tian Na graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, and was the Zhejiang Song and Dance Theatre dance group vice captain. She moved to Taiwan in 1997. 
Since its founding, Nnyunfei Dance Group has dedicated itself to the cultural and professional exchange between countries. The group has been invited to perform in Japan, Hangzhou, and Xiamen over the years. And the performances were widely acclaimed by the audiences. The dance group is also very philanthropic, and have performed for many charity events.
To further promote professional dancing and learning through exchanges, Nnyunfei invited Beijing Dance Academy Vice President Wang Wei as part of the 3rd Chinese Classical Dance Star Teacher Exchange Camp. Many of the elite dancers were present at the camp to learn and improve their skills. In 2019, Nnyunfei invited nearly 100 dance students from Beijing Dance Academy, Chinese Culture University, National Taiwan University of Arts, and University of Taipei to practice and perform together. Together, they gave audiences a high-level dance show.

Chinese folk dancing performance

Taiwanese indigenous folk dance performance video 1

Taiwanese indigenous folk dance performance video 2

Performing Fan Dance

Performing Umbrella Dance 1

Performing Umbrella Dance 2

Performing Umbrella Dance 3

Performing Chinese folk dance

Nnyunfei dancer leaping in air

Stage performance