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Education authentication and Self-study equivalency examination of new immigrants
1. Appraisal  of Academic Attainment through Self-study at all levels: According to the Supplementary and Continuing Education Law and the Regulations for the Appraisal of Academic Attainment Through Self-study, one who holds Republic of China, Taiwan Passport”, and the Resident Certificate for the Taiwan area (the Long-Term Resident Certificate for Taiwan area and the Taiwan Area Joint-Family Resident Certificate are printed separately above the photo) can take the annual "Taipei City Self-study Appraisal Test for Senior High School Level (test to be held in October) and Taipei City Self-study Appraisal Test for Elementary and Junior High School Level (including handicapped citizens)" (test to be held in March) organized by the Department of Education. Test questions from the past examinations (starting from the year 2012) cover 40% of the current exams. Examinees can review exams given during the past years and information on the academic appraisal test at the Self-study Assessment Area of the Taipei Huajiang High School website. (http://www.hcsh.tp.edu.tw/) Contact number: 1999 (outside Taipei City, please dial 02-27208889) ext. 6425.

2. Education authentication and procedures of senior high school (vocational) or below for new immigrants.
(1) Mainland China
A. Renewal of equivalent educational proof is issued according to “Education check and authentication methods of Mainland China” by Department of Education.

B. For those who register households or have resident addresses in Taipei, please bring academic certificates of Mainland China, ROC identity card (or household registration transcript), public certificate of Mainland China, Straits Exchange Foundation certificate (original) and 2 photos of 2-inch headshot to Department of Education for processing.

C. Contact numbers for academic certificate renewal at all levels: 1999 (outside of Taipei 2720-8889)
(a) Senior and junior high school: Division of Secondary Education, ext. 1210.
(b) Elementary school: Division of Primary Education, ext. 6373.

Other countries or regions (including Hong Kong, Macao) According to “Review Regulations of Education and Experience” and “Education check and authentication methods of Honk Kong and Macao”, translate the academic certificate of foreign areas to Chinese version for the application of degree verification in local missions of Taiwan.

3. Foreign document authentication: https://www.boca.gov.tw/lp-43-1-xCat-3.html
Document authentication hotline: (02)2343-2913 and (02)2343-2914