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1、 According to Article 23 of University Act : “Students having studied in public high schools or accredited private high schools or equivalent schools or possessed equivalent educational level shall be entitled to study for a bachelor's degree.” If new immigrants have ROC nationality or residence permit, they can study in the university with the certificate of high school diploma verified by overseas office.
2、 Multi-Route Promotion Program is adopted now for domestic university admission, including there major entry ways:
(1) Admissions by Stars Recommendation and individual application: These two routes are based on the result of General Scholastic Ability Test (abbreviated to GSAT). Stars Recommendation (limited to graduating students of domestic high schools) is based on the GSAT result and grades at school for admission; individual application is provided quotas by departments of universities, according to Phase 1 screening criteria of GSAT grades and Phase 2 College Admissions Committee for these two routes., check the test standards set by each department and choose the right one to apply for.
(2) Admission by College Entrance Examination: Based on the result of Department Required Test (abbreviated to DRT). Gain university admission via placement. Please refer to the brochure of univeristy admission via examination and placement for subject examination, weighted and required test result of relevant university departments.
三、 If you’d like to know more about the overview of Multi-Route Promotion Program and information of General Scholastic Ability Test and Department Required Test (such as application, test scope, content and etc.) Please refer to the website of Multi-Route Promotion Program and College Entrance Examination Center.. Or make an enquiry call to Department of Higher Education: 02-77366088. (Miss Shu-Fen Chen)
Sources: Department of Education, Taipei City Government Ministry of Education