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Employment Services
As long as you hold a residence permit, you have the right to work legally during the period of your valid stay here in Taiwan. You do not need to apply for a separate working permit. We will help you find a job for free of charge. If you are unemployed and need a job, you can approach the nearby Employment Service Station to register for job search or contact us through the following channels:

Registration for job seekers: Complete the job search registration forms with a duplicate of the residence permit (front and back)

1.Call Employment Services Number 23085231 (ext. 703 Foreign Spouses; ext. 727 Mainland China Spouses), the staff will assist in employment registration and enquiry.
2. Taipei Job Bank Employment Service website」(www.okwork.taipei) Please browse the website for more information.
3. Taipei Employment Service Center and affiliated Employment Service Stations.

Employment Services
1.Job search services
We have professional career counselors to provide free job search services of employment counseling, referral jobs, company to interviews and etc.

2. Vocational training counseling and referral
We provide relevant information and counseling services and refer you to suitable vocational training programs with fully subsidized training fees for you to gain the vocational skills.

3. Employment promotion workshops
Help you understand the relevant laws of employment and labor rights in Taiwan. Offer workplace status, job search channels and interview skills and etc. to enhance the pre-vocational preparation, job search skills and let you grasp the trends of job market.

4. Temporary job allowance
After having registered for job search at the Employment Service Station and still unable to find a suitable job after 2 or more general job referrals within 14 days, the Employment Service Station can make an evaluation for non-suitable job opportunities allowing you to apply for “Temporary job allowance”. The standard grant of the allowance is paid by hours, eight hours per day. The highest allowance may be granted for 176 hours per month at a maximum period of 6 months.

5. Participation in multi-employment development program
You can register to participate in social or economic multi-employment development programs. One must be 45 years old and above to qualify to join the economic program. The standard grant of this program is paid by hours, eight hours per day. The highest allowance may be granted for 176 hours per month at a maximum period of 6 months.

6. Claim the relevant benefits of the Employment Insurance Act
After implementing the amendment on 1st May, ROC 98th year (2009), the Employment Insurance Act also applies to new immigrant workers now. Allow for unemployment benefits application, early employment incentive allowance, living allowance of vocational training, parental leave allowance, national insurance premium and etc.

 6-1 Expand insurance coverage object
Employed spouses from foreign countries, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao region who are above 15 and less than 65 years old, married to ROC citizens with registered households inside Republic of China, and obtained legitimate residence and work permit in Taiwan.

 6-2. Unemployment benefits
The employment insurance seniority of new applicable labor is accumulated since 1st May ROC 98th year (2009).
  (1) Insured new immigrants of unemployment benefits with a nationality or work permit.
  (2) Non-voluntary departure.
  (3) Accumulated seniority is more than a year within 3 years before the date of leaving the job and withdrawing from his/her insurance.
   (3)-1 Surrender value is paid monthly with 60% of average insurance salary of first six months before the date of leaving the job and withdrawing from his/her insurance, up to 6 months. When an applicant applying for resignation and insurance withdrawal is already over 45 years old or with a official disability proof, it is paid up to 9 months.
   (3)-2 Those who support their spouses without incomes, minor children or children with disability will receive 10% more of average monthly insurance salary and up to 20%.

 6-3. Parental leave allowance
Accumulated insurance year is over 1 year and before the children turn 3 years old. The amount of allowance is 60% of average insurance salary of 6 months before the month of application.