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Introduction of Vocational Training Service
This center aims to assist new immigrants to enhance their employable skills and provides vocational training services. All kinds of vocational training programs are offered each year according to the demanding plans of employment markets, including 7 biggest service types such as information services, design services, communication medias, care services, property management, tourism and leisure and motors maintenance and so on. Commissioned training covers the vocational training programs of emerging industries, including biotechnology, tourism, green energy, health care, exquisite agriculture and etc.
The key affairs and measures of new immigrants.
1.The custom vocational training priority classes for new immigrants.

2. Living allowance for vocational training: those new immigrants with the right of residence who are participating in vocational trainings for the unemployed, which are organized or commissioned by the government can apply for the living allowance.

3. In-training care subsidy: New immigrants who have obtained the right of residence and are living in Taipei; have an annual gross income less than the reporting standards or a consolidated income tax rate of less than 20% in the most recent years; are participating in the relevant vocational training programs for the unemployed; and have direct relatives under the age of 12 or above 65. During the vocational training period, if other family members cannot assist in caretaking and have hired someone to care for them, the in-training care subsidy is available to provide support to alleviate the distress of child and senior care and allow applicant to fully participate in the training.

4. Full training fee subsidy:
New immigrants with the right of residence participating in the vocational training sponsored or commissioned by government are eligible to full training fee subsidy.

Contact of information
Taipei Competency Development College
Taipei City Vocational Development Institute new immigrant hotline: (02)2872-1940 ext. 324
Address: NO.301, Shih Tung Rd., Shihlin District 111,Taipei City
Website: Taipei Competency Development College (open a new window)