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New Immigrants’ Hall Consultation Services

Provides telephone and on-site consultation on a variety of topics such as residency, naturalization, health care, parenting education, day care, assistance and social benefits.  To provide service without language barriers, newspaper and magazine in mainland Chinese, Viewnamese, Thai, Indonesian and English are available on-site.  Interpreters provide consultation services from Tuesday to Sunday.
◎New Immigrants’ Hall interpreting services::


Training courses
Government agencies and non-governmental organizations host courses to help immigrants further develop in the new environment.  Classes include language training, culinary study, introduction to local customs, handicraft, birth and child care, residency or naturalization issues, and family communication or spiritual studies.

Socio-emotional exchange
To provide the new immigrants a home away from home where they can show support to each other and form emotional bonds.
Space rental
For details, please contact:
◎Wanhua New Immigrants’ Hall:(02)2370-1046
◎Shilin New Immigrants' Hall: (02)28837750, (02)2883-1735