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Subsidized objects

Household Registry Regulations

Contact Units

Special Conditioned Family Aid

  • New immigrants applied for marriage registration with Taipei citizens, but encountered special conditions, (out of husband missing, serving sentences, dead or decree of divorce due to malicious abandonment by husband or intolerable abuse of living together, divorce by agreement out of domestic violence, domestic violence, unwed pregnancy, raise children younger than 18 years old alone without the ability to work, life has undergone major changes in three months ) who need financial aid of short-term living allowance.
  • Subsidized items including:emergent living allowance, Childcare benefits, priority of children entering public day care institutions, children education allowance, Medicaid, medical allowance of injury diagnosis, lawsuit allowance, loan subsidy of starting a business, tuition discount of women center programs, children living allowance.


Who married to Taipei Citizen With marriage registration and actually lives in Taipei City is not limited to household registration location.

  • Every Women and Family Service Center in Taipei City
  • Division of Women Welfare and Childcare of Department of Social Welfare: 1999(outside of Taipei 02-2720-8889)ext. 6969-71

Emergency Help

  • Not having been registered as a low-income household and unable to have the proper burial for a member in the household who has passed away.

  • Living in financial difficulty because a member in the household has been accidentally injured or has been seriously ill.
  • Because the family member who provides the main source of livelihood cannot work due to unemployment, has been missing, serving compulsory military service or subsitute military service, serving sentence in prison, detained under custody for legal case or for other reasons, thus leading to financial difficulty in living conditions.
  • Living in financial difficulty because assets or savings accounts cannot be used immediately due to freezing injunction or other reasons.
  • Living in financial difficulty while social welfare items or insurance benefits applied for have not yet been verified.
  • Living in financial difficulty due to major accident and verified that assistance is needed after visit and evaluation made by the Department of Social Welfare or the District Office.

    Citizens who are in the city but are not registered residents in this city, and have no transportation fares to return to their hometowns, or have encountered natural disasters or other serious accidents in the city resulting in injuries or death, will be given appropriate assistance by the Department of Social Welfare or by the District Office based on the applications made.




Except for transportation allowance and disaster relief fund, applicants for aid must have a household registration in the city.

  • Social section of district office where household registered.

Emergent living allowance for children and juvenile from disadvantaged family

  • Children or juvenile under the age of 18.
  • Children or juvenile do not get placement at public expense.
  • Families of children or juvenile have difficulties in life due to parent’s divorce, death, disappearance, unemployment, illness, serving sentences, drugs or alcoholic addicted, unwed pregnancy or other major incidents.
  • Total household income distributed by the amount family members, each person per month shall not exceed the disposable median income of each national in the latest year. Movable properties of family (including stocks, investments, savings, etc.) is averagely less than NT$ 150,000 per person, The total value of real estate of family (including land, housing, etc.) is less than NT$6,500,000. Or there are exhibits to prove that life has trapped in difficulties in the latest year. The short-term life allowance is provided in the principal of 6 months.

Households registered in Taipei or actually live in Taipei for over 6 months.

  • Children and Juvenile Welfare Section of Department of Social Welfare 1999(outside of Taipei 02-2720-8889)ext. 6972-4
  • If the applicant has been served by this department or associated agencies, it shall be applied to our department by the agencies.

Low-income household allowance

  • Total household income distributed by the amount of family members, each person lives below the minimum cost of living standards every month.
  • Family savings (including stocks, investments, deposits, etc.) is averagely less than NT$ 150,000 per person.
  • The total value of land and housing of family is less than NT$5,500,000. Subsidized items including: family living support, subsidy of health insurance and partially coverage, Medicaid, nutrition allowance, birth benefits, childcare benefits, living allowance of children education, transportation allowance of children education, tuition waiver.

Households registered and actually live in Taipei City, stay in Taiwan for over 183 days in the latest year.

Social section of district office where household registered 1999(outside of Taipei 02-2720-8889)ext. 1610-2

Instant Care Emergency Allowance

  • Because the family member who provides the main source of livelihood passes away, is missing, gets seriously ill, is unemployed or for other reasons or emergencies and cannot receive any assistance or insurance benefits and, thus leading to financial difficulty in living conditions.
  • Emergency relief are limited to those occurring within the recent three months and only one application is allowed for the same incident. However, if victims continue to live in financial difficulty after receiving assistance, relief may be given one more time at the most after visit and evaluation are made and verified that further assistance is needed.


Must actually live in the city, but not under restrictions as to where the households are registered.

  • Local social section of district office in resident location.

Please check the website of Department of Social Welfare of Taipei City Governmentor more information