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Ab. 91,500,000 (2011)

National Flower



Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, Christianity




Located in the east side of Indochina. It shares borders with 3 provinces of China: Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, Gulf of Tonkin of South China Sea to the east. The entire territory forms into the narrow and long S shape.


The ancient names of Vietnam were called Văn Lang, An Nam and ĐạiCồViệt. It was a vassal of China for nearly 1000 years and ruled by France for more than 80 years afterward. In 1954, the French army failed Battle of Dien Bien Phu and signed Geneva Accords. It was split to North and South Vietnam. The North established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the South established Republic of Vietnam. In the late 50s, the Vietnam war lasted for more than 20 years by the strong intervenes between United Stated and Soviet Union. On 30th April 1954, North Vietnam conquered Saigon and united the whole country. On 2nd July 1926, the country name was changed to Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


  • New Year’s Day

National Holiday on January 1st.

  • Chinese New Year

Same with Chinese New Year in Taiwan. It is one of the major holidays in Vietnam. There are 4 days off from New Year’s Eve to 3rd January (lunar calendar). In accordance with the Vietnamese custom and culture, New Year’s Eve is the family reunion night for every household. Family members eat dinner and welcome the new year together. Elders give red pockets to the children of their own or relatives for the blessings.

  • National Day

A day off on 2nd September. On 2nd September 1945, Ho Chi Minh read the “Declaration of Independence” in Batten Square; therefore “Democratic Republic of Vietnam” was born, now known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

On August 15 of lunar calendar, Vietnamese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival similar to Chinese people everywhere. There are colorful lanterns and family reunions to appreciate the moon and eat moon cakes.

  • Lantern Festival

Worship Buddha for blessings in all the major temples. For Vietnamese, Lantern Festival is also an important day.

  • Dragon Boat Festival

On May 5th of lunar calendar. The important offerings of the Dragon Boat Festival is steamed rice dumplings. Few days before the festival, every family starts wrapping steamed rice dumplings with meats. There are also peach rice cakes with the skin of glutinous rice flour and stuffed with leek cakes or sweet rice dumplings in the traditional markets. They are all important offerings in the Dragon Boat Festival for Vietnamese.

  • Ghost Festival (Offer sacrifices to lonely ghosts)

Offering sacrifices to the ghosts is in order to gain peace of the family and oneself and good luck of work and business in the whole year.

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