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Sexual Assault Prevention

If sexual assault happens unfortunately, please deal with it calmly:
Seek safety : in case of an attack, you must try to reach a safe place.

Keep the site : If you were attacked unfortunately, please remain the site without moving or touching anything for police to collect and investigate the evidences.
1. Preserve the evidences: first wrap yourself in a jacket, call the police, do not take a shower or change the clothes, try not to wash your hands, teeth or go to the toilet.
2. At the same time, call 113 protection-hotline requesting social workers or policewomen to escort you for injuries check and gather the evidences in the hospital immediately.
3. Take a shower after medical treatment: Do not take showers, change clothes or destroy the clothes right after the incident, once the evidences are ruined, the suspect will gain impunity.

Remember the features of the gangster and car; describe the key clues you saw correctly.
1. People: hair and face features, accent, height, shape, age, clothes and so on.
2.Automobile: color, year, style, license plate number, special decoration, car spots, escape direction and way and etc.

Services of Police Department
  1. You can report to any police units, police department has implemented a single window system; any unit can process your case.
  2. If you report to the police, after we obtain your permission, policewomen will escort you to the hospital for detailed examination, injury inspection and gather relevant evidences.
  3. During the process of case enquiry, we will take quarantine measures to ensure privacy.
  4. Once it is assessed to start a process that victims reduce duplication of statements, during the investigation, we will record audio and video through the whole process to preserve evidences.
  5. If you need psychological treatment, counseling, placement, legal aid or emergency treatment, you can contact Taipei City Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center. (Tel.:02-23961996 ext. 226-227)
Emergency Case Report Number:110
National Protection Hotline: 113

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