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Taiwanese cuisine
Taiwanese cuisine is famous all over the world. Due to the special cultural features, it includes food from the north to the south of Greater China. Living here also certainly needs to understand the local diet. Here are some introductions of Taiwanese breakfast and common snacks, take the chance to try them.
*As for breakfast, there are grilled oven rolls, fried dough sticks, soy milk, sandwiches and traditional rice porridge with side dishes in Taiwanese breakfast.
*Common snacks in Taiwan: tempura, DingBianCuo (pot side scrapings soup), oyster omelets, sausage, Tangyuan (rice balls), Dan-tsu Noodles, bowl rice cake (salty rice pudding), pig liver soup, fried squid, stinky tofu, Aiyu jelly.

Preparing a Meal
In Taiwan, it is very convenient to buy food. Aside from the traditional market, there are other options of supermarkets and wholesalers. Traditional markets usually open till noon. Supermarkets are open for almost 24 hours. The food culture in Taiwan includes diverse origins but generally, dishes are relatively light. When new immigrants cook, make gourmets in accordance with traditional homestyle and skip out pepper and other seasonings to be added later according to individual preferences. This will allow the family to taste native dishes from your country with seasonings added by individual taste and preference.

Please check "Taipei Market thematic network"for more market information.