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Capital :Nay Pyi Taw
Language:Burmese, English 
National Flower:Padauk

Location :
Located in the western Indochina. North side is adjacent to Mainland China, connecting to India and Bangladesh in the northwest and sharing borders with Laos and Thailand to the southeast. Southwest reaches to Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.

After Myanmar became a united country in 1044, it has been through three feudal dynasties. Britain launched three invasion wars to conquer Myanmar in 19th century and designated it to be one of British Indian provinces in 1886. Myanmar was independent from British India in 1937 and ruled by British Governor directly. Conquered by Japan in May 1942. The national revolution restored Myanmar in March 1945. After World War II, Britain controlled Myanmar again. Myanmar declared independence from British Commonwealth, and implemented multi-party parliamentary democracy led by U Nu. In 1962, General Ne Win staged a coup, overthrew the government of U Nu and established “Revolutionary Council”. A new constitution was promulgated in January 1974 that resulted in the creation of People’s Assembly. It was renamed as Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma. In July 1988, The economy has deteriorated and resulted in the outbreak of the national demonstrations. In September of the same year, the military took over the regime, abolished the constitution, dissolved the parliament and renamed as “Union of Myanmar”. On October 21st 2010, Myanmar Government changed the national flag and emblem based on the new constitution of 2008 and renamed as “The Republic of the Union of Myanmar”.

Major Festivals

1. Water Festival (Thingyan)
April of each year is the new year of Myanmar and also the traditional and lively water festival. It is called “First Month Water Festival” by Burmese meaning that a new year is about to start. Myanmar new year starts after the transitional year period in water festival. The entire ceremony lasts 3 to 4 days. The first 3 days is to set off to the old and welcome the new on the last day. From the joys of splashing water among the people, you can feel the meaning of “Happiness and Longevity” by Burmese proverb.

2. Lantern Festival
July 15th of Burmese calendar (about October of solar calendar) each year is the Lantern Festival in Myanmar. During the Lantern Festival, all the temples and each household light the oil lamps and lanterns. There are lantern sheds all around the city. The buildings on the streets are decorated with colorful light bulbs. All kind of fireworks and lanterns rise in the night sky with joyful singing and dancing. In the countryside, there are customs of releasing lanterns on the river and flying lanterns to the sky (also knows as Kong-Ming lantern).