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Participatory Budgeting Education and Promotion Courses for Taipei City New Immigrants

The Department of Civil Affairs hosted a participatory budgeting class at Wanhua New Immigrants’ Hall on July 18, 2016. Professor Wei Hsiu-chen of National Taiwan Normal University was the lecturer. Students comprised new immigrants, relevant organizations, public servants, and city residents who care about new immigrant issues.
The class helped students to understand Taipei City's policy implementations relevant to new immigrants. Students also learned about deliberative democracy and the methods of proposing policies and to acknowledge public policies and public affairs, and then in turn to develop policy proposals to participate in city administration.

Theoretical courses

The students get Seminar courses

Introduction to Taipei City's new immigrant policy implementation

Lecturer explain some practical policy of New Immigrant

The group start discussing about the subject

Hands-on: Group discussion

The students discussing the subject with their own group

The group start to set a strategy

Hands-on: Group reports

The group show the result of the discussion

Comprehensive discussion forum

The group start to give a presentation