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1CECC explains its plan to require non-R.O.C. nationals without NHI cards who are diagnosed with COVID-19 in Taiwan to pay their medical costs during their isolation period themselves starting January 1, 2023 (C/12-1)2022-12-09
2Effective December 10, Taiwan to Remove Weekly Cap of Arrivals (C/11-3)2022-12-01
3Taiwan to Ease Current Mask Mandate Starting December 1 (C/11-2)2022-12-01
4Visiting patients in hospitals across Taiwan conditionally allowed starting December 10 (C/11-1)2022-12-01
5Starting October 19, individuals who got vaccinated with Medigen vaccine and need to go abroad can receive doses of other COVID-19 vaccines with EUA in Taiwan (C/10-2)2022-10-26
6COVID-19 travel notice for all countries/regions will be lowered to Level 2: Alert, effective 00:00 on October 13, 2022. Travelers should take enhanced precautionary measures when going abroad. (C/10-1)2022-10-19
7To strengthen the epidemic prevention of migrant workers, employers are requested to encourage migrant workers to get booster shots of Covid-19. (C/9-2)2022-09-14
8From September 12th, resumption of visa free entry for visitors from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and diplomatic allies. (C/9-1)2022-09-12
9Effective from September 1, 3+4 quarantine policy to remain in place for arrivals; one person per room rule to be adopted during four days of self-initiated epidemic prevention (C/8-2)2022-08-22
10Effective from August 15, Taiwan to remove requirement that inbound passengers should provide COVID-19 PCR test result within two days of flight schedule time (C/8-1)2022-08-15
11Starting on July 25, 2022, the entry restrictions will be loosened for foreign nationals that apply visas for volunteering, religious proselytization, studying religious doctrines, internships, international exchanges, and working holidays (youth exchanges). (C/7-2)2022-07-27
12Taiwan to ease current mask mandate and other epidemic prevention measures starting July 19 (C/7-1)2022-07-27
13Current mask mandate and other preventive measures will remain in place from July 1 (C/6-1)2022-07-04
14CECC to help local governments set up six pop-up jab stations for children aged 5-11 on June 1 (C/5-16)2022-06-06
15Current mask mandate and other preventive measures remain effective until June 30 (C/5-15)2022-06-06
16Epidemic Prevention Q&A (C/5-14)2022-05-30
17Taipei City designated hospital outpatient BNT vaccination service for children aged 5 - 11 (C/5-13)2022-05-30
18Taipei City Governments' COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention (C/5-12)2022-05-25
19New Immigrants’ Halls provide 3-person group chat phone interpretation service to new immigrants (C/5-11)2022-05-23
20Taipei's Covid-19 Outpatient for Children and Teenagers (C/5-10)2022-05-12