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1In response to the central government’s COVID-19 prevention measures, starting on Aug. 6 every person entering Taipei City Hall buildings are required to wear a face mask.(8-1)2020-08-05
2Maintain social distancing(4-10)2020-04-27
3Personal hygiene is crucial to prevent the virus: multilingual version(4-9)2020-04-20
4 Understanding How to Prevent COVID-19 in One Picture: multilingual version(4-8)2020-04-20
5A Day In the Life of Self-quarantine (4-7)2020-04-17
6 Operation Community Virus Prevention(4-6)2020-04-17
7Measure your body temperature and wear a face mask!(4-3)2020-04-10
8To Increase the epidemic prevention , The area above the fourth floor of Taipei City Hall will temporarily closed starting on April 9 !(4-5)2020-04-08
9There is a fine of NT.3000 to NT. 6000 for disposing used face masks indiscriminately.(4-4)2020-04-08
10 Starting on April 9, every person entering Taipei City public buildings are required to wear a face mask (4-2)2020-04-07
11Face masks mandatory on public transportations! Refusing to put on a mask could be fined between NT$3,000 to NT$15,000! (4-1)2020-04-07
12Doctor Chang Shan-chwen on how to wear a face mask properly in English, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, and Filipino. (3-1)2020-03-16
13How to Protect Yourself from Novel Coronavirus (2-4)2020-02-07
14Started on Feb. 2 Guangdong, China listed as a level 2 coronavirus outbreak zone (2-3)2020-02-04
15Please watch the demonstration video of how to properly put on a face mask and wash your hands by Dr. Chang Shang-chun from National Taiwan University (2-2)2020-02-04
16Prevention of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (2-1)2020-02-04
17Prevention of Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic – To contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019) epidemic, Taipei City’s disease prevention and control measures are now in effect.(1-1)2020-01-31