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1Second Moderna Dose for Elderly 65+ years old without Appointments.(C/10-12)2021-10-15
2Moderna 2nd Dose Rollout Plan for Elderly 65+ years old.(C/10-11)2021-10-15
3Nationwide epidemic alert to remain at Level 2 from October 5 to October 18(C/10-04)2021-10-14
4Central Government 11th Wave of Vaccinations(C/10-10)2021-10-10
5Moderna 2nd Dose Rollout Plan for Taipei City Elderly 68+ years old(C/10-9)2021-10-10
6Taipei City Pandemic Prevention Guidelines for Restaurants. (C/10-8)2021-10-07
7Karaoke Venues Pandemic Prevention Guidelines. (C/10-7)2021-10-07
8Taipei Sports events guidelines. (C/10-6)2021-10-07
9Taipei City Swimming Pool Operation Guidelines. (C/10-5)2021-10-07
10Taipei City High School and Middle School Campus Venue Lease open from 10/7 (C/10-3)2021-10-01
11Taipei City's Field Trips for Middle Schools and High Schools are Open from October 5th. (C/10-2)2021-10-01
12Taipei City's Parks and Children's Playgrounds are Open from October 1st. (C/10-1)2021-10-01
13Taipei City Further Easing Restrictions for Indoor Dining from Sept. 28 (C/9-14)2021-09-28
142146 Taipei City institution-run venues to cut rental fees by half in light of the pandemic. (C/9-13)2021-09-27
15Moderna 2nd Dose Rollout Plan for Taipei City Elderly (C/9-12)2021-09-27
16Nationwide epidemic alert to remain at Level 2 from September 21 to October 4 (C/9-11)2021-09-27
17 The National Immigration Agency updated the entry restrictions for foreign nationals to Taiwan (C/9-8)2021-09-21
18 Preventative closure guidelines for Taipei City schools that have confirmed cases infected with COVID-19: Delta variant (C/9-5)2021-09-17
19Constraints and Precautions for Receiving BNT Vaccines (C/9-10)2021-09-16
20Taipei City Campus Vaccination Project (C/9-9)2021-09-16