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To strengthen the epidemic prevention of migrant workers, employers are requested to encourage migrant workers to get booster shots of Covid-19. (C/9-2)

According to the statistics of migrant workers vaccination provided by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), till August 16, 2022, the vaccination rate of migrant workers were 95.8% for the first dose, 94% for the second dose, and 73.7% for the booster shot. With consideration of migrant workers have not been vaccinated with supplemental doses, there is still a risk for community infection. Moreover, the statistics shows that there are 554,363 migrant workers who are qualified for booster vaccination, yet of which 112,199 workers who are qualified but have not taken the vaccination.
To strengthen the epidemic prevention of migrant workers, avoiding cluster infection, private employment service agencies and business employers are encouraged to assist their employee to get supplemental doses as soon as possible for increasing the vaccination rate.