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Nationwide epidemic alert to remain at Level 2 from November 16 to November 29 (C/11-4)

1. The existing mask mandate is not lifted, always wear a mask when in public, except in the following situations:

2. Commercial business venues and public venues should implement contact information registration, take temperatures, enhance disinfection of premises, carry out health management among staff, and implement timely responses to the occurrence of confirmed cases.

3. Starting November 16, legal leisure and entertainment venues with hostess services that comply with the epidemic prevention and management regulations listed below may open.

(1) Compliance with general principles: contact information registration, temperature measurement, wearing masks at all times except for consumption of food and beverages, health monitoring among staff members, good ventilation, adequate cleaning and disinfection equipment, and cleaning and disinfecting environments and facilities at least twice a day.
(2) Staff vaccination and screening
a. Staff should receive at least a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine 14 days previously.
b. Staff should provide a certificate of a negative rapid antigen test result (including using home test kits) or a negative PCR test result issued within three days prior to the first day of work.
(3) Venues should submit an application for the approval of their local government.
Entities providing food and beverage services, folk healing, beauty and body toning, audio-video and singing, and so on should provide services according to other related guidelines.
(4) Management after reopening
a. Staff members who have not received two doses of a vaccine for 14 days should undergo a rapid antigen test (including using home test kits) or a PCR test every week.
b. Staff members who have received two doses of a vaccine for 14 days will not be required to undergo a rapid antigen test (including using home test kits) or a PCR test every week.
c. Customers should provide proof of vaccination with a dose a full 14 days before entering such venues.

4. Masks must be worn at all times when outside, except for the following situations in an outdoor environment:
(1) In the following situations, people are not required to wear a mask, but they should carry a mask with them. Masks are still required if COVID-19 symptoms are present and social distancing cannot be maintained.
A. When exercising or singing indoors or outdoors;
B. When taking individual/group photos indoors and outdoors;
C. When people in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal husbandry sectors work in open spaces (such as farm fields, fishponds, forests and mountains);
D. When people are in forests/mountains (including forest recreation areas) and on the beach;
E. When people are in hot/cold springs, dry sauna rooms, spas, steam rooms, saunas, during water activities, or in venues where masks can get wet easily
(2) Masks may be removed when consuming food/beverages outside.
(3) Masks may be temporarily removed for venues or activities that comply with the CECC’s or competent authority’s epidemic prevention regulations.