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1New Immigrants’ Halls provide 3-person group chat phone interpretation service to new immigrants (C/5-11)2022-05-23
2Taipei's Covid-19 Outpatient for Children and Teenagers (C/5-10)2022-05-12
3202 Clinics in Taipei City join hands together in community defense (C/5-9)2022-05-12
4Disease Prevention Measures for School in Taipei (C/5-8)2022-05-12
5Taipei City Muzha Depot Covid-19 Disease Prevention Unit Will Officially Begin on May 11 (C/5-7)2022-05-12
6Vaccination Booking and Special Clinics for Children between the ages of 6-11 (C/5-6)2022-05-12
711 Taipei City hospitals and clinics have established COVID ER and outpatient clinics that provide COVID-19 testing, doctor consultation, and dispensary services. Beitou Shilin Technology Park rapid test COVID-19 positive ER and outpatient clinic is online on May 4. Please make an appointment for the rapid test before going to the hospital to save time on waiting. (C/5-5)2022-05-11
8Taiwan is gearing up for COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 6 to 12, to prepare for possible side effects after vaccination, Taipei city now provides outpatient clinics matching service. (C/5-4)2022-05-11
9All Taipei City secondary school students will return to schools starting on May 2 to meet the examination schedule. Taipei City Department of Education asks all schools to continue train for long-distance learning. (C/5-3)2022-05-06
10COVID-19 Positive Measures (C/5-2)2022-05-06
11Taipei City Department of Education encourages elementary school students to attend long-distance classes for 3 to 5 days after vaccination. Schools should assist economically disadvantaged students with mobile devices and the internet connection. (C/5-1)2022-05-06
12Name-based rationing system for at-home COVID-19 test kits to be launched on April 28, the public can purchase test kits with NHI card; starting May 1, people buying masks through name-based mask distribution system can purchase them at 145 pharmacies nationwide (C/4-9)2022-05-03
13SMS contact tracing has been canceled from today, the Current epidemic prevention measures will have remained until May 31st. (C/4-8)2022-05-03
14Visit Taipei City COVID-19 Vaccination Reservation System to get your vaccine shot. If you have any questions or needs during home quarantine, call Taipei City COVID-19 Health Centers between 9:00 and 17:00 (C/4-7)2022-04-26
15Taipei City District Level Care Centers, and Virtual Hospital Service Program (C/4-5)2022-04-25
16Starting April 18, arrivals on flights from US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia to take saliva test at the airport as COVID-19 pandemic slows down in these four countries; arrivals urged to abide by new rules (C/4-4)2022-04-25
17pregnant women with COVID-19 will be assigned to different facilities base on the weeks of pregnancy (C/4-3)2022-04-25
18Taipei City 12 District Health Canters For those COVID-19 confirmed cases or close contacts who conduct the home quarantine believe their lives are in risk and require emergency medical treatment.Dial 119. (C/4-6)2022-04-21
19COVID-19 Risk Management at Workplace (C/4-2)2022-04-14
20Taipei City School Suspension Standards for In-person classes(2022.04.13) (C/4-1)2022-04-14