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101​Prioritizing COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control! Automatic extension for visitor visa and ARC2021-06-09
102​Nationwide level 3 epidemic warning extends to June 14, 20212021-05-31
103​20 New Rapid Test Centers opened in Taipei City Across 12 Districts!2021-05-28
104Starting on May 24, on-site dining for restaurants and beverage shops is prohibited in Taipei.2021-05-28
105​Started on May 19, Taiwan imposed entry ban on non-Taiwan nationals without ARC and suspended travelers transit through Taiwan2021-05-26
106CECC raises epidemic warning to level 3 starting today to May 282021-05-26
107 To decrease the infection and reduce the spread of COVID-19, please comply to COVID-19 prevention measures2021-05-21
108The Ministry of Labor’s COVID-19 Patient Activity History Website Available in multiple languages.2021-05-19
109CECC raises epidemic warning to Level 2, effective today to June 8, guard the last line of community transmission! (c5/1)2021-05-17
110Taipei Fast Screening Station Q&A2021-05-14
111Taiwan-Palau Travel Bubble: Five COVID-19 Prevention Principles (c3/2)2021-03-26
112Starting on Mar. 5 (Monday), Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing, Renai, Heping, Zhongxiao, Yangming Branches will lower self-paid COVID-19 test price to NTD 5,000 (c3/1)2021-03-26
113Fall-winter COVID-19 prevention program to be launched on December 1; CECC urges the public and healthcare facilities to follow related measures (11-1)2020-11-24
114In response to the central government’s COVID-19 prevention measures, starting on Aug. 6 every person entering Taipei City Hall buildings are required to wear a face mask.(8-1)2020-08-05
115Maintain social distancing(4-10)2020-04-27
116Personal hygiene is crucial to prevent the virus: multilingual version(4-9)2020-04-20
117 Understanding How to Prevent COVID-19 in One Picture: multilingual version(4-8)2020-04-20
118A Day In the Life of Self-quarantine (4-7)2020-04-17
119 Operation Community Virus Prevention(4-6)2020-04-17
120Measure your body temperature and wear a face mask!(4-3)2020-04-10