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Historical News

1Taipei City Nangang District 2018 New Immigrant Classical Dance Class Registration(3-1)2018-09-07
2Taipei City "Summer of Dance" Dance Class, Join Now!(6-4)2018-08-15
3Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2018 New-Immigrant Rhythmic Activity Class Registration(6-1)2018-07-11
4Participate in the Taipei Department of Health New-Immigrant Comprehensive Health Screening Event2018-07-01
5North Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Free Event (5-6)2018-06-09
62018 Film Your Home on Your Cellphone Script Submission (5-1)2018-06-09
7National Taiwan Museum Southeast Asia Culture Experience Event Registration (4-4)2018-06-07
8Da’an District Office 2018 New-Immigrant Computer Class Registration ̣̣(4-10)2018-05-14
9New Immigrant Parent-Child Pressure-Relieving Event (4-2)2018-05-12
10New Immigrant Family Association New-Immigrant Volunteer Training Registration (4-7)2018-05-10
11Taipei City Wanhua Dist. 2018 New-Immigrant Arts and Crafts Class(3-21)2018-05-09
12Shilin District Office 2018 New-Immigrant Handcraft Class Registration (4-6)2018-05-02
13Xinyi District Office 2018 New-Immigrant Voice Seminar Registration (4-5)2018-05-01
14East Taipei City New-Immigrant Care Stronghold City Trips Free Registration (4-3)2018-04-29
15Kai Ping Culinary School Taiwanese Cuisine Class open for registration on Apr. 20, 2018 (4-9)2018-04-28
16South Taipei Community Care Stronghold Relaxing Gardening Registration (4-8)2018-04-27
17Taipei City Family Education Center free 2018 Parent-Child Cardio Yoga Class, open for registration.(3-25)2018-04-21
18Taipei Monthly Pass: NT$1,280 All Pass(3-13)2018-04-18
19Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2018 New-Immigrant Tabletop Board Game Group Registration(3-18)2018-04-15
20The Immigrant Women and Family Service Center New-Immigrant Culinary Class Registration (3-33)2018-04-15