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41South Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Cultural Lecturer Group Trip and Learning open for registration.(3-8)2018-03-23
42Taipei City Beitou District New Immigrant Live Growth Camp and Multicultural Seminar Registration(3-2)2018-03-23
43Taipei New Immigration Women and Family Service Center 2018 Women's Day Event registration(3-11)2018-03-18
44※ South Taipei Care Stronghold 2018 New Parent-Child Adventure Experience Registration(3-6)2018-03-12
45West Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Career Experience Event Registration(3-7)2018-03-11
46Sign up for Taipei City Songshan District Office 2018 Taiwanese Language Class for New Immigrants(2-5)2018-03-08
47Sign up for Taipei City Wanhua Dist. 2018 New-Immigrant Computer Class(2-4)2018-03-08
48South Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Cultural Lecturer Support Group open for registration(2-11)2018-03-02
49National Taiwan Museum 2018 New-Immigrant Ambassador Training, sign up now.(2-6)2018-03-01
50South Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Gardening and Relaxation opened for registration(2-9)2018-02-25
51 Taipei City Department of Labor 2018 Selection of Outstanding Worker and Staff Members of Industry and Commerce Associations(12-2) 2018-01-26
52The Ministry of the Interior Department of Civil Affairs has Established a New-Immigrant Citizen Rights Website (11-5)2017-12-30
53 Sign up for the National Immigration Agency 2017 Dream Building Initiative for New Immigrants and Their Children.(10-6) 2017-11-30
54East Taipei City New-Immigrant Care Stronghold Invites You to Submit Your Photography (11-3)2017-11-27
55Taipei City 2017 Diverse Culture Event: Water Lantern Festival(11-1)2017-11-11
56All registrations are welcome for the National immigration Agency's free 2017 New Immigrant Computer Courses. (6-2) 2017-11-01
57Taipei City Xinyi District New Immigrant DIY Seminar—Register Now!(10-1) 2017-10-18
58 Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2017 Computer Class, New Immigrants Welcome (9-5)2017-10-02
59Taipei City Employment Services Office 2017 Employment Seminar (6 classes), sign up now.(7-8) 2017-10-01
60Pearl S. Buck Foundation 2017 picnic, sign up now.(8-6) 2017-09-17