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City Mayor tasted new immigrant cuisine –「Monga snails with rice noodles」.

The City Mayor visited Wanhua District and tasted the one and only “Snails with Rice Noodles” in Taiwan, a new immigrant cuisine during the afternoon of May 3rd, 2013. “Snails with Rice Noodles” is the famous characteristic flavor snack in Southern China. The thick rice noodles are made of rice, flexible and smooth to taste. The soup is boiled with pond snail, spices such as star anise, clove and others, and Chinese herbal medicine plus ingredients such as peanuts, shredded fungus, sour beans, sour shredded bamboo shoot, pickled cabbage, thin bean curd skin, vegetables, chopped green onions, cilantro and others. Main dishes are beef, pork, large intestines of pigs and others, everyone can choose main dish as the way one likes. Snails with rice noodles possess the unique mixed flavors of sour, spicy, fresh, hot and an enticing good smell. Filled with 8 to 9 kinds of ingredients, it comes served in big bowls with a big filling portion, the  sour and spicy taste is satisfying, fun and enjoyable.
 The Wanhua District Office designed the concept of “Establish new meeting points, new foothold for exchanging ideas in life” to link the shops and business establishments run by new immigrants within the district and collectively called as “New Meeting Points”. This proposal has won the Creative Proposal Idea Award from the Taipei City Government. There are nine Wanhua New Meeting Points so far, including Hai-tian Dumpling, Red House Meat Thick Soup, Dongshishun Oyster Omelet, Monga 200 Snails with Rice Noodles, Vietnamese Pho, Chubby Snack Bar, Xuee Vietnamese Snacks, Freshly Steamed Stinky Tofu. At the same time, they are written and recorded in the “Wanhua Cultural Food and Travel Map” to promote marketing. We hope that everyone will come join us and experience this beautiful strength of Wanhua.