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Current mask mandate and other preventive measures will remain in place from July 1 (C/6-1)

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on June 29 that in view of the mass infection in Taiwan, and the fact that imported BA.4 and BA.5 cases are on the rise, the current mask mandate and other preventive measures will remain in place from July 1 to bring social and economic activities back to normal, while maintaining domestic epidemic prevention capacity and effectively managing the associated risks. The related details are listed below.

I. Except for some special cases that allow people to remove their masks, current mask rules remain the same, which means people should wear masks outside.
A. Wearing a mask when singing.
B. Occasions as below are exempt from wearing masks, but they must be carried or prepared all the time. Moreover, if you have related symptoms or cannot keep a social distance from unspecified objects, you should still wear a mask.
1. When working indoors/outdoors.
2. When shooting with individuals/groups.
3. Driving a car alone or with family passengers who live together.
4. When doing the formal shooting or conversational occasion or activities such as live stream, recording, hosting, reporting, remarks, speeches, lectures.
5. Labors in the field of agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal husbandry work in open spaces (e.g., field, fish farm, mountain forest).
6. In mountain forests (including forest recreation areas) and seaside activities.
7. Occasions where easily wet a mask, such as hot/cold springs, dry saunas, spa facilities, saunas, steam rooms, and water activities.
C. To get some food when going out is exempt from wearing a mask.
D. Venues or activities designated by Central Epidemic Command Center or competent authority (e.g., art performances/crew / TV anchors during official performers; athletes and judges during the competition, etc.); people can take off their masks temporally if they meet epidemic prevention measures.
II. Business premises and public places (including transportation) must follow the following rules: 
-Taking a temperature
-Strengthen Cleaning and disinfection of the environment
-Employee healthcare management
-Prompt response to a confirmed case

III. Stores, supermarkets, wet markets: no additional requirements for crowd control and return of food sampling according to epidemic prevention measures in business premises and public places.
IV. High-speed rail, railway, bus service, boats and ships (except for regular dining area), domestic flight: open for food and beverage in vehicles.
V. Catering establishments: taking a temperature and offering handwashing equipment and disinfectant is necessary; SMS contact tracing has been canceled; toasting each table in banquets is not allowed. People who are against the above measures will be determined based on the law. If there is no improvement, then dine-in services will be banned.

VI. Religious gatherings, religious places: according to epidemic prevention measures from the Ministry of the Interior.

The CECC appealed that all individuals have responsibility for epidemic prevention, people should work it independently. More than that, establish a good personal hygiene routine, wear a mask, wash hands, keep a social distance; take a temperature when access to public places. Downloading and using Taiwan Social Distancing APP protects yourself and others, taking care of our community safe. Being vaccinated is the best way to prevent you from becoming seriously ill, becoming hospitalized or dying due to COVID-19. We encourage anyone that are not vaccinated to complete the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible to protect yourself and your loved ones.