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Moderna 2nd Dose Rollout Plan for Taipei City Elderly 68+ years old(C/10-9)

Elderly aged 68+ (born prior to Dec 31, 1953) and indigenous persons aged 55+ (born prior to Dec 31,1966), who have received the first dose of Moderna before 8/4. And also meet one of the following conditions:
*Elderly registered in Taipei City.
*Elderly who do not have a household registration in Taipei but received the first dose in Taipei City.
*Lawful residents who received the first dose in Taipei City.
2. Appointment Period: 10/11(Mon) 09:00-12:00 and 10/12(Tue) 09:00-12:00
3.Scheduled Vaccination Period: 10/13(Wed)-10/15(Fri)
4.Appointment Platform: Taipei City Covid-19 Vaccination Appointment System (Link as below)