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Prevention of Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic – To contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019) epidemic, Taipei City’s disease prevention and control measures are now in effect.(1-1)

If you are experiencing symptoms of a fever or respiratory issues, please seek immediate medical attention, and remember to put on a face mask and wash your hands frequently.
Please follow the guidelines below to help yourself and other people:

  1. Properly put on surgery masks;
  2. Wash your hands regularly in the correct manner;
  3. Avoid eating raw meat or raw eggs;
  4. Avoid crowded places such as hospitals and markets;
  5. Avoid going to Wuhan, China or other outbreak areas.

Disease prevention information provided by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control: (https://www.cdc.gov.tw/Advocacy/SubIndex/2xHloQ6fXNagOKPnayrjgQ?diseaseId=N6XvFa1YP9CXYdB0kNSA9A&tab=3)
For more information on the novel coronavirus outbreak, call CDC disease prevention hotline at 1922 or Taipei City Department of Health disease prevention hotline at 02-2375-3782.