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​Nationwide level 3 epidemic alert extended to June 28, 2021

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that the nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert will be extended to June 28 in response to the continued severity of local infections. We ask everyone to do their part in the fight against COVID-19 and safeguard our communities. Relevant measures are as followed:
1. Members of the public must wear a mask all the time when going out. Once a violation of the rule is found, penalties will be imposed without prior warnings.
2. Leisure and entertainment venues that have been ordered to close must not continue operations, frequent inspections will be conducted at the said venues. For those failing to comply, the business owner, staff, customers and participants of the gathering at the site will face respective penalty.
3. Food and beverage vendors should only offer takeout services, and stores and supermarkets should bolster crowd control measures. The general public is urged to reduce the frequency of visiting supermarkets/stores and buy more at one go.
4. Wedding banquets and public memorial ceremonies of funerals are banned.
5. Religious gatherings or events are fully suspended; places of worship are temporarily closed to the public.
6. Closure of leisure and entertainment venues, sports and exhibition venues and educational facilities.
7. All family or social gatherings involving over 5 people indoors or 10 people outdoors (those living together not included) are suspended; avoid unnecessary movement, activities or gatherings.
8. Monitor your own health, those with symptoms should seek medical attention.
9. Business venues and places where personal business is conducted should implement crowd and flow control and enforce the wearing of masks and social distancing.
10. Workplaces should follow the epidemic prevention rules in the Guidelines for Enterprise Planning of Business Continuity in Response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019, and put individual and work place health management measures into action, as well as measures to maintain business continuity, such as working in different offices, distance working and flexible working hours.
11. Strengthen disinfection of public places and public transports.
The CECC explained that it has asked all hospitals across Taiwan to suspend visitation (with certain exceptions allowed) and to allow only one person to accompany a patient in the hospital, and that such measures will remain in place during the effective period of the nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert. Regarding long term care facilities, in addition to the visitation ban, long term care facilities must ask residents to avoid going out, unless special circumstances require otherwise. Long term care facilities must also strengthen access control and conduct temperature-taking and health monitoring measures among staff, residents, and caregivers or people accompanying residents.