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​Prioritizing COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control! Automatic extension for visitor visa and ARC

Started on May 15, Taiwan's COVID-19 alert has was risen to level 3. To reduce the amount of people traveling, foreign nationals in Taiwan whose visa or ARC are expiring will automatically receive a 30-day extension. Visa and ARC will continue to be extended as long as the alert level remains at level 3, and expires within 30 days after the alert level is lower to level 2.
Foreign nationals whose visa or ARC are expiring, or had the visa or ARC extended should refrain from visiting NIA service centers. Please visit the NIA’s local service centers in person and apply for extension within 10 days after the alert level returns to level 2.
For more information, visit NIA official website https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5385/5388/7181/7184/
or check with the NIA service center near you, or the Border Affairs Corps of the NIA.