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Carefree Covid-19 Vaccination Program (C/1-4)

I. Applicable To: overstaying foreign nationals (including detainees, detainees who are on a temporary release, unreported overstayers or undocumented migrant workers.)

II. Relief Measures:
1. The Covid-19 vaccination is free (funded by the government).
2. Subjects won’t be reported. (Hospitals won’t make a report to law enforcement agencies)
3. Name list of vaccination won’t become legal ground of immigration investigation. (The vaccination name list will not become the legal source of inspection or investigation conducted by the National Immigration Agency (NIA).)
4. Subjects won’t be banned from reentry. (After taking the first dose of vaccine, subjects who voluntarily surrender themselves to the NIA and depart from Taiwan within 6 months after regular international flights resume to their destination countries will be removed from entry ban to Taiwan.)

III. Program Period: December 3, 2021 to January 31, 2022. (Amendment to be made according to disease control policy)

IV. Location
1. Subjects who are detained in the detention centers of the NIA will receive vaccination on their current sites.
2. Other subjects (Subject who are ordered to take departure from Taiwan, detainees who are on a temporary release, unreported overstayers or undocumented migrant workers) will receive vaccination at sites designated by the Disease Control Agency, including clinics, hospitals, churches, temples, or other NGO sites.

V. A Message to Undocumented Foreign National
1. If you are an undocumented migrant worker, or a overstaying foreign national, we encourage you to sign up for the free COVID-19 vaccination with NGOs including the Chinese Regional Bishops' Conference, Chinese Muslim Association, R.O.C. Community Sustainable Development Association. After sign-up, a notification with vaccination time and place will be sent to you. Please bring your passport, ARC, or other identification documents to designated vaccination sites according to the notification.   
2. You will not be investigated for signing up for COVID-19 vaccination. Hospitals and clinics will not report you to any law enforcement agencies, and the vaccine is free.
3. Any questions regarding sign-up for Covid-19 vaccination, please contact the Ministry of Labor or the NIA service stations.

VI. For detail information, please visit IFI Network