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Certificate of Naturalization

*Eligibility Criteria:
“New immigrants of Joining Family in Taiwan” have a residence inside the territory of ROC (i.e. after obtaining an Alien Resident Certificate), stay legally in Taiwan for more than 183 days per year and continue for over 3 years, who are over 20 years old, well-behaved with legal capacity and no crime records according to laws of Taiwan and country of origin. Have considerable property or professional skills for self-reliance or prove of livelihood security with documents of Taiwan basic language skill and common sense of national rights and obligations. Produce the certificate of loss of original nationality, which is verified by Taiwan overseas office and re-inspected by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those who do not possess certificate of loss of original nationality or cannot obtain the certificate out of not-attributable causes to the parties, can apply for nationalization of ROC after the required documents verified by institutions of foreign affairs.

*Application Procedure:
Apply at local household registration office by oneself and get permission through the letter processed from local household registration office to county (city) government forwarding to Ministry of the Interior.

*Required documents:
1. Household registration information (not required from applicant but inquired by household institutions)
2. Valid Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate.
3. Foreigner residence permit
4. Certificate of Entry/Exit date (not required from applicant but inquired by household institutions)
5. Police criminal record certificate issued by country of origin or other relevant documents (if the applicant of naturalization is national spouse with Alien Resident Certificate of “Joining Family”, no submitting required.)
6. Police criminal record certificate during the residence in Taiwan. (not required from applicant but inquired by household institutions)
7. Considerable property or professional skills for self-reliance or proof of livelihood security
8. Documents of basic language skill and common senses of national rights and obligations of naturalized applicant according to Article 3 of authorized standards.
9. Certificate of loss of original foreign nationality or original documents and Chinese transcription verified by institutions of foreign affairs according to Article 9 proviso of Nationality Law.
10. Stateless person should submit following documents:
(1) Original travel identity document stated stateless by foreign governments (after verification, returned from authorized institutions), photocopy and Chinese transcription of basic information pages (Chinese transcription must be verified by national notary. If Ministry of the Interior requires that this document is necessary for verification, may transfer to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get verified.)
(2) In accordance with the “Immigration Law” and the “Regulations Governing National Entry and Exit” Article 16-2, stateless people from Thailand, Myanmar or Indonesia with Alien Resident Certificate stated stateless by National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior.
(3)Other documents granted by Ministry of the Interior
11. Consent certificate of legal representatives.
12. Certificate of marital status
13. 2 photos (in accordance with photo specifications of national identity card.)
14. Certificate fee (charged by existing provision, please pay with postal order, mark the payee as Ministry of the Interior)