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Application procedures:
For the divorce by consent, both parties have to apply in person together. The divorce will take effect after registering at local household office.

Required documents:
1. Both parties’ certificates of household registration, national identity card, seal or signature.
2. Divorce agreement or court verdict and certification or the original mediation (or conciliation) divorce decree approved by court.
3.One colorful front portrait photo in 2 years of each divorcee, please follow the related specifications of photo for national identity card application (initial, reissue, renew)
4.You need to reissue a new version of national identity card for this registration, please follow the related provisions of national identity card application (initial, reissue, renew) for processing period and required documents.
5. If both parties are divorced abroad and cannot apply in person, a commission is acceptable. The commission, documents in foreign languages and Chinese must be verified by overseas embassies or missions. If the overseas offices only verify the versions in foreign languages, all the documents must be translated to Chinese transcription and verified by the court or civil notary. Divorce agreements from Mainland China must be verified by Straits Exchange Foundation. After SEF verifies the divorce decree from Mainland China, it still has to be approved by the court.