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Pregnancy Subsidy

In order to encourage birth, the resources of the all bureaus of the city government are combined together to launch the project "Pregnancy Benefits” since January 2011, including the birth allowance of NT$ 20,000 per birth, childcare benefits of NT$ 2,500 per month for children under age of 5 with all kinds of supplementary measures. We hope to reduce the raising burden of young couples in Taipei. Taipei City Government combines all individual systems of civil, social, educational, workplace, medical and other resources to be the best support for young couples.


Content and Qualification

Start Date

Birth incentive aid of

NT$ 20,000 per birth

To be eligible, either the father or mother of a newborn must have domicile registered in Taipei City for at least a year prior to the date of newborn's birth. Apply for the subsidy within 60 days of the birth at a Household Registration Office that provides newborn registration service or where the domicile of the newborn is located. If no application is submitted by the end of the 60-day deadline, the parents are deemed to have forfeited the rights for subsidy.
Prepare the applicant's National Identification Card and a photocopy of post office or bank passbook to apply at one-stop counters located at each district office.  If a person other than the parents requests to apply for the subsidy, please attach the power of attorney and the National Identification Card of the proxy.
※ The calculation of household registration period for the newborn's parents is based on the last date when the father or the mother of the newborn registered the domicile in Taipei City, to the date the infant is born. 
※ Telephone: 1999 ext. 6269

Starting on

Jaunary 1, 2011

Childcare benefits of

NT$ 2,500 per month

for children under

age 5

1.Both parents and children (excluding the newborn) are domiciled and actually live in Taipei City for over a year (children under the age of 1, whose birth registration or initial domicile is registered to Taipei City and who has no record of transferring domicile out of Taipei City are exempt), both parents' consolidated most recent year's income tax rate (verified by the tax authority) must be less than 20%, and the parents must not have received another subsidy of same attribute or placement at public expense.
2.Prepare the application form (with signatures of both parents), a photocopy of certificate of household registration, a photocopy of the post office or Taipei Fubon Bank passbook from the father or the mother, and apply in person or by mail.at the social section of district office where the child's domicile is located.
※ Department of Social Welfare telephone: 1999 ext. 1622 - 1625

Starting on

January 1, 2011

Tuition subsidy for

preschool children

1. Starting in the 2018 academic year, children aged three (school-age) who are studying in private preschools in Taipei City and have a parent or a guardian who is domiciled in Taipei City (and continues to be domiciled there until the end of the concurrent semester) and has a consolidated income tax rate of less than 20% are eligible for an NT$13,660 tuition subsidy each semester. Parents may apply for the subsidy with the assistance of preschools.
2. Preschool tuition subsidy for children aged five who are domiciled in Taipei City. Subsidy amount for public preschools is NT$5,543 per semester for full-day class, or NT$3,235 per semester for half-day class. Depending on the total income of each household, children who are studying in private preschools may receive a tuition subsidy ranging from NT$ 2,543 to NT$12,543 each semester. Parents may apply for the subsidy with the assistance of preschools. For children domiciled in Taipei City who are studying in preschools outside of Taipei City, their parents may apply for a subsidy with Taipei City Department of Education before the deadline.
※ Telephone: 1999 # 1245 or 1088

Starting in

September 2010

Elementary school

and kindergarten after

-school care program

1. If any parent has the need for after-school care, after-school care class will be open in 141 elementary schools and 135 public kindergartens in Taipei City to take care of elementary school students until 19:00 and children from public kindergartens until 18:30.
2. If parents have any questions, for elementary school please contact: 1999 ext. 6371, and for kindergartens please contact: 1999 ext. 6382

Starting in

September 2010

Pre-pregnancy health check after marriage and Down syndrome screening for pregnant women

※ Eligibility
1. Pre-pregnancy health check after marriage Either the husband or wife domiciled in Taipei City and who have not yet given birth to their first child, or if one of the spouses is a new immigrant domiciled in Taipei City (each person is only eligible for the subsidy once every marriage).
2. Down syndrome screening for pregnant women (choose one of the below subsidies):
(1). Combined first trimester screening: Taipei City residents who are 9 to 13 weeks pregnant or pregnant women whose spouse is a resident of Taipei City.
(2). Second trimester screening: Taipei City residents who are 15 to 20 weeks pregnant or pregnant women whose spouse is a resident of Taipei City.
※ To Apply
Take your ID Card and Health Insurance Card (new immigrants need their ARC and their spouse's identification document) and make an appointment with hospitals that provide this program (for the list of the hospitals, visit the Department of Health website) to enjoy a pre-pregnancy health check for free (excluding registration fee and examination fee) and without having to make extra effort to apply for the subsidy.  
※ Telephone: 1999 # 1833
List of Program Provider Hospitals (https://health.gov.taipei/Default.aspx?tabid=626).

Starting on

July 1, 2010

Rotavirus vaccination subsidy

  • Eligibility
1. Two types of subsidy
(1) Fixed-amount subsidy: For infants between 6 to 32 weeks old and who have a Type-1 or Type-3 Taipei Children’s Medical Subsidy Certificate.
(2) Full-amount subsidy: For infants between 6 to 32 weeks old and who have a Type-2 Taipei Children’s Medical Subsidy Certificate.
2. Subsidy amount and vaccination schedule
Vaccine Subsidized
Subsidy amount for each dose Recommended vaccination age Recommended first-dose
wait time between doses
vaccination age
Fixed-amount subsidy Full-amount subsidy
(Rotarix) 2 1,050 Vaccination fully subsidized 2 and 4
6 weeks 4 weeks 24 weeks
(RotaTeq) 3 700 2, 4, 6
32 weeks
※ Telephone: (02)2375-9800 ext. 1926 or (02)2375-4341

Starting on

July 1, 2010

Parent-friendly garden

and parent-child


Parent-friendly gardens offer facilities and activities such as toy libraries, parent-child game houses, libraries of picture books, parenting seminars, parent-child readings, child development screenings, and other activities organized by the Department of Social Affairs in collaboration with preschools, Women and Family Service Centers, and civil groups.
2. Parent-child centers provide a free leisure space for parents and their children under the age of 6. As of now, there are 13 parent-child centers, and 1 infant commodity exchange center.
※ Department of Social Affairs telephone: 1999 ext. 1622 - 1625

※ Event website

Starting in

September 2011

Friendly daycare


  • Friendly Daycare Subsidy
    To relieve the burden of daycare costs for parents in Taipei City, Taipei City is providing the Friendly Daycare Subsidy of NT$2,000 – 4,000 (actual amount varies depending on the daycare type and how many older siblings the child has). This is in addition to the daycare subsidy provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    ※Department of Social Welfare Telephone: 1999 exts. 1624 or 1625


Starting in

January 2016

Please check the website of Pregnancy Subsidy