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Taipei City “Achievements from Implementation of the National New Immigrant Torch Plan”

Achievements from Implementation of the National New Immigrant Torch Plan

The National New Immigrant Torch Plan is an inter-ministerial and interdisciplinary cooperation between the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, schools at different levels and non-governmental organizations to provide together the complete cultural and educational life counseling mechanism and full services for new immigrants and their children in the country. Elementary schools who have more than 100 students from new immigrant families or exceeding a proportion of 1/10 are listed as key schools conducting the Torch Plan. The plan schedule starts from March 2012 to December 2014, a period of three years. 

A total of 16,243 students in Taipei City for the School Year 2012 are children of new immigrants (referring to Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China and foreign spouses) who are studying in the high school level or lower. It is 4.13% of the total number of 393,525 students. Among them, 9970 new immigrant children in elementary schools take the highest proportion of 7.62% of the total number of 130,862 students.

18 schools had been chosen to join the Torch Plan in Taipei City  for the School Year 2012 and 9 schools for School Year 2013. Implementation of the plan are outlined as follows:

  1. Lectures on Multicultural Happiness: Through lectures, share and inter-act with peers, enhance belief in new immigrant life, accumulate the motivation of new immigrant families for betterment.
  1. Training of New Immigrant Counseling Volunteers: Promote the local living culture of new immigrants through the expansion of supporting network and contribution of services and efforts.


  1. Care and Home Visits to New Immigrant Families: Bring new immigrant resources to their homes and provide timely support and care for new immigrant families, increasing their ability to adjust to life.
  1. Happy Family Parent-child Living Experience Camp: Enhance inter-action between parents and children, increase family communication and cohesion, stirring up the atmosphere in family life through mutual parent-child activities. 


  1. Parent and Child Reading Multilingual and Multicultural Books: Encourage parents and children to read books together, enhance parent-child communication and pass on multicultural concepts through stories in multicultural picture books .
  1. Learning Simple Words in Native Language: Provide new immigrant children the chance to learn and practice the mother language of their fathers (or mothers), enhancing the basic communication ability between new immigrant families and their children to improve performance in life of students and accumulating an asset in language ability.


  1. Creative Family Tree Contest: Trace back the family origins from one’s own blood, discover important events in life of family members through interviews, information and photographs, presenting the relationship of the family clan. 
  1. Multicutural Cuisine Competition and Other Creative Works: Implement multicultural propaganda, highlight immigrants’ service and contribution to Taiwan, enhance understanding of immigrant life and multicultural experiences of local citizens, promoting social diversities.


The Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency has set up the exclusive website for the Torch Plan. Please check the website for relevant information and activities.


Key School of Taipei City Torch Plan – Photos of She-Zih Elementary School hoding related activities