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Nanyang Club (Câu Lạc Bộ Nam Dương)
Established: March 2013
Contact Info: Juan Shih-hua (0936-608-884)

The photo group dancer of Nanyang Club (Câu Lạc Bộ Nam Dương)

Nanyang Club (Câu Lạc Bộ Nam Dương) had a dinner party

Nanyang Club is a traditional Vietnamese dance group. The members are mainly new immigrants and migrant workers from Vietnam. Some members also sing Vietnamese songs. Though they are not professional dancers, they give excellent performances due to their serious practices.
They sacrifice their days off to practice together, but those who cannot attend will practice alone by watching videos. The group primarily dances in northern Taiwan, but sometimes they travel to other parts of Taiwan to perform. They also frequently perform for free at nursing homes to bring joy to senior citizens. Every year when International Women's Day, Spring Festival, and Double Tenth Day come around, the group organizes celebrations.

Nanyang Club (Câu Lạc Bộ Nam Dương) performing Vietnamese traditional dance on Spring Festival

Nanyang Club (Câu Lạc Bộ Nam Dương) get the Certificate Award