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Enchantment Performance Art Group
Established:  October 2017
Contact Info: Chang Hsi-wen (0912-056-303)
Email: w23376098@yahoo.com.tw
Facebook: 時尚魅力藝術團

Enchantment Performance Art Group took a photos on Mother's day celebration 2018

Enchantment Performance Art Group photos with Rainbow costume

Members of the Enchantment Performance Art Group met each other at a charity taking care of mentally disabled children. This group of moms who love dancing started to practice and exercise together, and eventually they formed a dance group.
The have a wide range of dances they can perform, which includes folk dances, belly dances, exotic ethnic dances, dances from Asia Pacific region, Latin dances, and dance-pop. They have put on many performances. When given a chance to perform, they always seize the opportunity and give their best, hoping to bring joy to their viewers' lives.

Traditional Dance at International Culture Celebration