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VIT Dance Group

Established: October 2014
Contact Info: Chen Chiu-liu (0909-508-268)
Email: ao2007yeu@yahoo.com.tw
Facebook: VIT泰友印越舞蹈社

At The Pearl S.Buck Foundation in Taipei show some traditional dance

Took a photo group at Asia Pasific Traditional Arts Festival

VIT Dance Group was formed on Oct. 10, 2015, when they performed at Taipei City Hall. The homophone of VIT in Chinese sounds like "great musical talent." Group members include new immigrants from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.
The 10 new-immigrant members come from various places, and they had to learn traditional dances of different countries. Currently, most of the dances they practice are from Thailand and Vietnam. The group-mates are united by their common love of dancing. By learning dances from each other, they also get to learn about each other's native culture.
To perform, members of the group had to prepare several costumes. However, these costumes are very expensive in Taiwan, so they make their own costumes and also buy them when they visit their native countries.

Traditional dance at New Inhabitant Culture Festival with unique costume

VIT Dance Group get the Certificate of Achievements